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TFP has been one of Florida's most decorated Competitive Bodybuilding Team since 2013.  Coach Eric Diffenderfer offers his multi-faceted services to seasoned competitors, aspiring competitors and those who simply want to get in the best shape of their lives.

Eric's passion for the sport combined with his extensive knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, resistance training and biochemistry have made TFP an unparalleled force, not only in the state of Florida, but across the country.  Eric has over 18 years of experience in the sport of bodybuilding and nutrition, and a culinary degree from Le Cordon Blue University.  With 13 years as a competitor, highly successful coach and mentor, his background enables him to provide not only personalized, all-encompassing protocols but one-on-one personal training, posing coaching and Food Preparation services.

All programs are comprehensive and custom designed to fit each individual's personal needs, workload and daily schedule. There are absolutely no cookie cutter programs here.  If you are ready to take your body to the next level and look and feel better than ever before, you won't find a more accessible and knowledgeable coach to help you get there.

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